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Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

Alexander's provide cleaning and redressing services for LVT flooring this includes brands like Karndean, Amtico & Quickstep.

Luxury Vinyl flooring is pretty hardy, but regular use over the years will wear away the top layer and cause a build-up of cleaner and polish. As a rough guide, most vinyl floors should be refinished every 6-12 months.

Have a good look at your vinyl flooring, if you can see light scratches and a faded finish, then it’s time to take off the old finish and apply a new layer of floor sealer. Remember that the surface of vinyl flooring is not wood, so it doesn’t need to be sanded down.

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What is LVT?

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile is a type of a vinyl tile that has a higher percentage vinyl resin in it than would a standard vinyl composite tile (VCT). This increased percentage of vinyl allows the manufacturer to put much higher quality prints on the tile which can then be embossed to add texture. This way, you end up with tiles that look like stone, wood or other types of hard floor material.  

LVT is also typically thicker than standard VCT, so it feels more luxurious under foot.  The protective urethane layer on top makes maintenance much easier.

LVT maintenance

Often marketed as 'maintenance free' or 'finish not required' this can be confusing to customers. Overselling the durability of the product is often not done intentionally by marketeers but results in a common misconception by the customer that they wont need to consider undertaking any maintenance down the line.

LVT comes with a protective urethane layer, but this wears down with use and will need to be replaced in order to maximise the life of your flooring and to keep it looking its best.

Protecting your LVT

Protecting or replacing the urethane layer on your LVT is a simple process but not a straightforward one, the problem DIYers face when taking on this task is stripping any old layers of protection or even just getting the surface properly clean to begin with, mopping will push any residue into the low spots of LVT and will always leave residues behind. At Alexander's we have the equipment to deep clean into the textured finish and then jet rinse any soil and detergent residues straight into an extraction system leaving the floor spotlessly clean and ready to accept a polymer dressing. We have finishing options to suit your flooring and your preferred look which we will discuss with you during inspection.