Why you shouldn't clean upholstery yourself

Updated: Jun 2

I got a call earlier in the week from a supposed professional cleaner asking for some help, he had cleaned a sofa the day before and his customer had called him complaining that the fibres had turned hard when it dried. The cleaner didn’t really know what had gone wrong, I suggested a few things he could try. A few hours later I got another call asking if I could go round and fix it at his expense. This is tricky position to be in for any professional cleaner; I don’t know what's been done to the sofa or what’s gone wrong, anything I try could be compromised by the bad chemistry already attempted by the last guy. Anyway, I was very busy and took his customer‘s number and arranged to go round at the end of the week and have a look.

I arrived at a lovely house in

Kenton, the customer showed me into the living room where the two rock hard sofas were to be found. To cut a long story short the fibres were ruined, I offered to restore the softness bu

t the sofa would never be how they remembered it. I advised them to take the issue up with the cleaner, which had also cleaned their carpets (they were shocked when I showed them the residues left in them under an ultraviolet light).

I headed home, a little dissatisfied that I couldn’t help further and wondering why you would offer to clean carpets and upholstery if you have no idea what you’re doing? It later turned out the chap wasn’t insured and left them for dead, they’re now looking to claim on the house insurance.

There's a great number of businesses out there that will clean your carpets for a bargain price. I would advise you to think twice before taking them up, even if they get away with it your probably going to be left with hidden residue in your carpets trapping dirt and affecting your health. You get what you pay for with this kind of thing.

Alexander’s are NCCA accredited which means we know what we’re doing, we only use the best detergent free and low residue products.

You’re safe in our hands!

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