How to remove candle wax from your carpet

A candle spillage can be alarming at first but never fear! its actually possible to remove the wax from your carpet once its hardened and depending on the pigments used (colour of the candle) you may not end up with a permanent stain.

To do this you will need a blunt instrument, such as the back of a knife, an iron and kitchen roll.

  1. Using the blunt instrument, break down the wax and then vacuum away the hardened pieces.

  2. Place the kitchen roll on top of the wax and move the iron around on top. This will transfer the wax onto the paper. The trick is to keep the iron and paper on the move at all times, ensuring it is just hot enough to only melt the wax and not the carpet fibres.

  3. Once the hardened wax has been removed, gently blot the area with a piece of white kitchen towel dipped in either surgical or white spirit. This will remove any remaining grease residue and ensure that re-soiling does not occur.

Coloured wax can present more of a problem. This is because, when it melts, a dye or pigment is released, which can stain the carpet fibres on which it has landed. A suggestion in this situation is firstly to break up the wax with a blunt instrument and vacuum away. Removing the remaining pigment is a much more complex process, however, and it is advisable that you seek the advice of a professional carpet cleaner such as me! if staining has occurred.

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