Pet urine removal and lessons learnt

It’s been a funny old week at Alexander’s, it’s fair to say that as a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner you’re always learning. This week it’s been pretty educational, I’ve cleaned some splendid wool carpets in Dunston and learned some new lessons in equipment handling in Birtley along with practicing my dog urine removal techniques. My customer had tried their best with a doggy accident but the smell remained, as it so often does. That‘s because the phosphates and other residue can’t be removed or neutralised without some professional help. With the aid of some ultraviolet light I was able to identify the worst areas and apply neutralising treatment before deep cleaning the whole carpet using my favourite; an active colloid cleaning agent which is friendly to the environment and your health. The problem was rectified and no residue could resist the throughougness of an Alexander’s deep clean! 😎

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