About us

Committed to Keeping Your Carpets Clean

I started Alexander's carpet and upholstery cleaning with the aim of improving re-soiling times commonly encountered by people who have had their carpets cleaned, this is often due to the use of detergents and untrained operators. Alexander's are NCCA approved specialists in detergent free cleaning, a more modern approach  which leaves your carpets and upholstery cleaner, with no nasty chemical residues left behind.

This method of cleaning is better for the environment too as detergents are a by product of the petrochemical industry and naturally have a high carbon footprint. Carpet cleaning detergents are also bad for our water courses damaging our aquatic life and are tipped into drains by carpet cleaners.

We're members of the trade association NCCA and have passed the stringent exams required to become affiliate members, we take our customers, our trade and the environment very seriously!

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